The historical name of Župa Dubrovačka is Brenum, which is a name that either has Illyrian roots or comes from the Slavic form of the name Žrnovica. The region, which was established on the basis of the mill trade, is situated between dignified Dubrovnik and Duboka Ljuta and covers an area of 2288 hectares. Around 6000 inhabitants live here. It is located between 42° 39’ north latitude and 18° 14’ east longitude in surrounding that has a gentle Mediterranean climate, an ethereal sky and warm sea. A hilly chain from its north descends steeply into the wide valley filled with suptropical vegetation and an array of villages close to and on the very rim of Župa bay. It has united an abundance of uniquely natural gifts into a smaller area, which certainly makes it one of the most beautiful on the Dubrovnik riviera resorts. The famous Adriatic Sea justifies its claim in the blue depths of its bays and numerous sandy and pebbly beaches. The ambience of a historic heritage buildings harmoniously adds to thh services available along the coastline. Modern hotels meet the requirements of the most demanding visitors, from food entertainment and cultural events to land and water sports. To visit Župa dubrovačka once, means to come back again and to experience it anew each time. Climate The geographical position of this region ia typically Mediterranean, with mild and damp winters and hot and humid summers ( 2.600 sunny hours). The annual average rainfall is 1.250 mm. The average air temperature is 17 C and the summer sea temperatur is 22C . There are many sunny days during the winter months. The gentle wind Maestral – the messenger of lovely weather, refreshes the average summer temperature of 27 C. During the cooler months, the Bura ans Jugo winds prevail. Flora and fauna Our coastline is beautiful, dotted with bays, beaches, steep cliffs and numerous forested islands. There is a great variety of flora, dominated by cypress, pines, olive groves, vineyards and lemon and orange plantations. The aromatic plants and flowers, as well as exotic plants such as palm trees, agaves and cactuses create a unique atmosphere. Nature lovers will find a real Mediterranean landscape here. Sailing enthusiastics will discover beautiful seas and marinas.

  • Sea: 300m
  • Beach: 300m
  • Center: 4000m
  • Store: 500m
  • Restaurant: 50m
  • Doctor: 4000m
  • Pharmacy: 4000m
  • Bank: 4000m
  • Post office: 4000m
  • Gas station: 3000m
  • Bus station: 8000m
  • Train station: 50000m
  • Airport: 5000m
  • Marine: 10000m
  • Sport: 500m
  • Disco: 2000m
  • Casino: 10000m
  • National park: 40000m